Surveyors Helping Surveyors

This Is Who We Are

Surveyors helping surveyors. This is what we are all about. There are tons of good surveyors and lots of good surveying companies out there. We only concentrate on the surveying industry because we are surveyors. We want to link good surveyors and good companies.

We desire the surveying profession to be seen as honest, hard working, knowledgeable and professional. We want SPS to be a champion of promoting this type of culture in our profession. We see a need for helping good surveyors and good companies find each other. SPS wants to bridge that gap for our profession. We are building a database of surveyors to cover all the different surveying disciplines. SPS wants to provide surveyors with an avenue to find jobs with companies that appreciate them and want to help them reach their professional goals while also providing good companies with a service, operated by surveyors, to help them quickly find quality candidates that meet their specific job requirements.

For the surveying company looking for just the right surveyor for your needs, turn to SPS. When you tell us the qualifications you need in your future employee, we will quickly search our database for candidates that match your needs. Since every person at SPS has experience surveying, we will understand what you want and provide you with the right candidates. Our goal is to quickly provide you with qualified candidates for your consideration. This will minimize hiring time while providing you with qualified candidates.

For the surveyor seeking a great opportunity, you can trust that you have an experienced surveyor to help you find the opportunity you have been hoping for. Everything at SPS is confidential. No companies or individuals see your name or information until you decide you are interested in an opportunity we put before you. We want to have a conversation with you to determine your wants and needs. Because we are surveyors also, you can have confidence we will understand and be able to convey your qualifications and experience to the companies needing someone exactly like yourself. Great opportunities are out there right now. Many times they pop up when you least expect it and may not even be ready. Let us help you be prepared for when that small window appears.