How We Serve Our Candidates

Surveyor Placement Services wants to serve the surveying community. Here is what we think that looks like. We want to make sure you know the job opportunities you might have interest in when they come around. We believe good things will happen when preparedness meets opportunity. Here is how we plan to do that....

Know You

We want to know your career ambitions, job requirements, and areas of expertise.

Keep You In The Game

We constantly talk with companies that are looking for candidates to find opportunities in the surveying community.

Give You Options

When opportunities come up in your area for which you are qualified, we inform you to see if you are interested. 

Make You Visible

If you decide to pursue an opportunity we put your information in front of the company so they can see your qualifications. 

For This To Happen . . .

We need you to create a profile in our database. This is completely free. This is also completely anonymous until you give us the approval on a job opportunity you want to pursue. That will be the only time your identity will be provided, when you say to.

Positions We Are Actively Placing

Party Chief

Being the eyes and ears of the office, all Licensed Surveyors want someone they can trust to represent them and the company to the client and public. Party Chiefs are in high demand and we place all areas of expertise. Let us help you find the company and position you have been looking for.

Survey Technician

A good survey technician can make or break a project. Field crew preparation, processing data, drawing plats, and writing field notes are just a few of the tasks Licensed Surveyors ask of their technicians. And every Licensed Surveyor wants a good technician to make their life easier. Let us help you find that Licensed Surveyor that appreciates all the hard work you do.

Surveyor In Training

You are on your way and the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright. You have passed the first test and will be ready to spread your wings in the near future. Make sure you are in the best position possible to take your career to the next level.


There are a limited number of Licensed Surveyors around. We all hear the average age of a Licensed Surveyor is getting higher and not lower. For those of us that have our license, this is only going to put us in more demand every year. Position yourself to be in the best environment that coincides with your ethics, ability, and quality of life.

Survey Manager

Most companies, as they grow, realize they need someone with knowledge, experience, and credibility to manage their surveying department. Do you have a vision for leading and mentoring a team of surveyors? Now more than ever, you are needed to keep companies moving forward, exploring new technologies, and retaining clientele for companies in super competitive markets across this country.