SPS Land Surveying Photo Contest

Welcome to the SPS Photo Contest! Submit your photos from the field or office and surveyors will vote for their favorite one. The photo with the most votes at the end of the month wins a $100 gift card to Martin Instrument. You can submit as many photos as you like. Extra credit for photos that include a story.

You will need to register the first time, but you can simply login any time you come back. Each picture will require approval from SPS before being posted in the contest. Please do not submit inappropriate pictures. SPS has the right to choose to not submit any picture we deem inappropriate. In the event of a tie, the picture that was submitted earliest in the month will win the prize. Please make sure you have permission to post any picture you submit.

Each month's winner will be sent a $100 gift card from Martin Instrument. Upon awarding the prize, the item will be purchased by SPS and shipped to the contest winner. Prizes will only be shipped within the United States.


Contest Registration

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Contest Login

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