Our Service to Employers

Surveyor Placement Services wants to serve the surveying community. Usually when you need to hire someone, there is a reason to do so and time is of the essence. As surveyors ourselves, we completely relate to your needs and situation. We will marry our knowledge of candidates with our understanding of your company needs. We have a database of surveyors that will fit your specific needs. Here is how our service will benefit you....

Understanding each other

We speak your language. We will learn and understand your specific needs and wants in your future employee.  

Expanded Selection Pool

Instead of only getting candidates from your advertisement window, our database has candidates waiting for the right opportunity.   

Fast Results

Our database of surveyors will allow us to quickly provide you information on surveyors that are currently waiting for great opportunities. 

Qualified Candidates

Our experience in surveying will allow us to provide only qualified candidates for your consideration. No more spending time sorting through unqualified applicants.

Save You Time

SPS will speed up your hiring time. We want to provide the best candidates more efficiently than placing an advertisement and waiting for applicants.

At SPS, we are working toward having a database of surveyors across America. We are surveyors that want to provide a service to the surveying community by connecting good surveyors to good surveying companies. We screen all of our candidates to determine their areas of expertise and career ambitions to better understand if the candidate will be a fit for your company. Please use the link below to send us your contact information. We would love to talk with you more about SPS and how we can serve you.