Surveyor Placement Services wants to serve the surveying community. Here is what we think that looks like. We want to make sure you know the job opportunities you might have interest in and when they come around. We believe good things will happen when preparedness meets opportunity. We want to help you be prepared when that time comes. Here is how we plan to do that.... 

  • Understand your ambitions
  • Know your areas expertise
  • Understand the job market
  • Give you options
  • Make you visible to good companies
  • Find you a position where you can excel

For this to happen... we need you to create a profile in our database. This is completely free. You will remain anonymous until we receive your approval on a job opportunity you would like to pursue. That will be the only time your identity will be given out, when you give the approval.



Surveyor Placement Services wants to serve the surveying community. Usually when you need to hire someone, there is a reason to do so and time is of the essence. As surveyors ourselves, we completely relate to your needs and situation. We can marry our knowledge of our candidates with our understanding of your company needs. We have a database of surveyors that will fit your specific needs. Here is how our service will benefit you....

  • Provide you candidates quickly
  • Provide you only candidates that meet your requirements
  • Increased candidate selection pool
  • Speed up your hiring process
  • Save you time

SPS is not a recruiting company. We are surveyors that want to connect good surveyors with good surveying companies. We want to provide a placement service for surveyors. We would love to talk to you and explain our process and answer any questions you have.